Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Well here we go sports fans! The gun has sounded and we are off! Off into the illustrious world of Board Life. A place where all of us would choose to live if only we could get the week off. But since you can't (cause da bossman will can ur ass!!) you can participate in 'time theft' and cruise the ole' triple dub (www) with me. So paddle haole!!!


With WCT tour stop no.4 over and done with, we find the superfreak K. Slay atop the leaderboard; winning the three of the first four events. In fact, Slater has yet to be beaten in a heat by anyone on tour (he lost to wildcards in Tahiti). The man is on a role and shows no sign of letting up. He is one of only three guys to ever win three out of the first four events and my money is on him to take his 9th title with record speed. Watch all the highlights and other lifestyle videos from Tavarua at:
Also, look for the WQS to storm into the tropical paradise of the Maldives for the SriLAnkan Airlines Pro, June 9-15. Always one of the best 'QS events, this won't be one to miss. Plebty of frothers from Euro and Aussie are dying to move up the ratings and secure their place on next year's 'CT. So definitely check this out. Look at the heat sheets on the ASP World Tour site: This should be a hot contest for the webcast! Seeya in the water!!!

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