Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lowers Pro is LIVE!!!!

The Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro is live from Trestles right now in the Round of 96. The level of surfing isn't higher at any other event in the world. Andino is killing it in his heat! And all the big guns have something to prove at the world's most progressive wave against a super squad of young talent!

Young Guns hit G-Land

When was the last time you saw cranking footage of G-Land?! Seems like the surf media forgot about this jungle land left. Abandoning coverage of it in favor of it's reef pass brethren to the West. But these little groms give G-Land a run for its money, despite admitting being scared shitless. N ot only by the waves but by the jungle wildlife. G-Land is still an adventure but not nearly as feral as in the past. But the wave remains the same; it will challenge any surfer.
The footage in this and the other Young Guns webisodes is second to none. The heki shots are sick and the whole clip is produced very well. And just quietly, how much is Quik just killing the competition with their youth division?!? Only Nike 6.0 seems to be close with regard to the level of young talent sporting their logo!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Volcom goes French

Volcom has up and sold out to the French conglomerate PPR (site is in French) the owners of luxury brands Gucci and YSL and street wear brand Puma as reported this morning on Shop-Eat-Surf with a price tag right around $600 Million. What this means for the future of Volcom and Electric is not especially clear but it seems that PPR has no interest in changing things drastically at either of the brands. But one things for sure, stockholders are getting paid!!

New Clips on InnerSection.TV

The Taylor Steele project called Innersection has posted new clips from some of the best surfers on the planet pulling off some incredible moves. The Albee Layer section is so dope; Maui kids are blowing up lately. Nat Young's clip is another highlight. The Santa Cruz goofy is really coming into his own style. I was stoked to see more surfing from Richard Christie. His run at the Coldwater Classic Thurso event in Scotland caught my attention and his Innersection does not disappoint; dope offshore tubes with some very powerful surfing. But the top spot is currently being held by one Reubyn Ash. His clip's highlight is in the pretty mellow waves out at Uluwatu on a small day but dude just destroys it with top to bottom surfing, blowing the tail out on every turn.
Innersection is epic and continues to pump out dope clips from the guys that are in the water destroying everything. Give credit where it's due!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

CA Surf Film Festival

So this weekend in Oceanside, Ca. the first annual California Surf Film Festival is taking place and I really wanna go! On Saturday night the legend himself, Bruce Brown will be narrating the most classic of all surf films, his own Endless Summer! Not to mention that every other film being screened will be amazing! I especially am looking forward to seeing Waterman, featuring Jerry Lopez and One Track Mind (check this review from Dailystoke.com). Hopefully I get to go!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


The annual Coldwater Classic held at Steamer Lane on the West side of Santa Cruz is always a premier surfing event. The arena-like setting of The Lane offers spectators unmatched vantage points and the frequent NW swells of the Fall offers surfers a break from the usual WQS slop. The match ups are hot for this year's event.

With a number of California competitors looking to make the jump onto the Dream Tour next season, the Coldwater is a ideal place to grab those 6 star points and nail a slot on the 'CT. It's also the time of year that 'CT guys near the bottom of the list will try and use their late round placement and grab some 'QS points to re qualify. This always makes for some really exciting match ups in the water, and The Lane is so spread out when its pumping that it really accommodates the 4-man 'QS format.

You've also gotta watch out for local rippers looking to earn the glory of winning the biggest event around (save Mavs) Northern California and gain the rep. Along with that rep could come the crown as Macy's Trifecta Champ which brings a big check and a JEEP to the winner and currently Nate Yeomans, a good ole boy for the BRO-C is holding the top spot.

This gives you an idea of what the boys in the water will be frothing after: set waves, 'CT spots, cash, cars, glory and babes (always women around pro surfers, no?)

It's also worth mentioning that The Coldwater runs in conjunction with the Oakley Pro Junior event, and I'm giving fair warning to all the other competitors in this event: watch out for Nat Young!! This local goofy foot has been caught destroying lips with murderous backside verticals recently so don't be his latest victim!

The event kicks off on the 21st of October and is slated to finish on or before the 26th. Seeya there!! Check out the event schedule and match ups at:http://coldwaterclassic.net/

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Well here we go sports fans! The gun has sounded and we are off! Off into the illustrious world of Board Life. A place where all of us would choose to live if only we could get the week off. But since you can't (cause da bossman will can ur ass!!) you can participate in 'time theft' and cruise the ole' triple dub (www) with me. So paddle haole!!!


With WCT tour stop no.4 over and done with, we find the superfreak K. Slay atop the leaderboard; winning the three of the first four events. In fact, Slater has yet to be beaten in a heat by anyone on tour (he lost to wildcards in Tahiti). The man is on a role and shows no sign of letting up. He is one of only three guys to ever win three out of the first four events and my money is on him to take his 9th title with record speed. Watch all the highlights and other lifestyle videos from Tavarua at: http://www.globeprofiji.com/
Also, look for the WQS to storm into the tropical paradise of the Maldives for the SriLAnkan Airlines Pro, June 9-15. Always one of the best 'QS events, this won't be one to miss. Plebty of frothers from Euro and Aussie are dying to move up the ratings and secure their place on next year's 'CT. So definitely check this out. Look at the heat sheets on the ASP World Tour site: http://www.aspworldtour.com/2007/schedule.asp?rView=w&rRat=mwqs. This should be a hot contest for the webcast! Seeya in the water!!!