Monday, May 2, 2011

New Clips on InnerSection.TV

The Taylor Steele project called Innersection has posted new clips from some of the best surfers on the planet pulling off some incredible moves. The Albee Layer section is so dope; Maui kids are blowing up lately. Nat Young's clip is another highlight. The Santa Cruz goofy is really coming into his own style. I was stoked to see more surfing from Richard Christie. His run at the Coldwater Classic Thurso event in Scotland caught my attention and his Innersection does not disappoint; dope offshore tubes with some very powerful surfing. But the top spot is currently being held by one Reubyn Ash. His clip's highlight is in the pretty mellow waves out at Uluwatu on a small day but dude just destroys it with top to bottom surfing, blowing the tail out on every turn.
Innersection is epic and continues to pump out dope clips from the guys that are in the water destroying everything. Give credit where it's due!

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