Friday, October 10, 2008


The annual Coldwater Classic held at Steamer Lane on the West side of Santa Cruz is always a premier surfing event. The arena-like setting of The Lane offers spectators unmatched vantage points and the frequent NW swells of the Fall offers surfers a break from the usual WQS slop. The match ups are hot for this year's event.

With a number of California competitors looking to make the jump onto the Dream Tour next season, the Coldwater is a ideal place to grab those 6 star points and nail a slot on the 'CT. It's also the time of year that 'CT guys near the bottom of the list will try and use their late round placement and grab some 'QS points to re qualify. This always makes for some really exciting match ups in the water, and The Lane is so spread out when its pumping that it really accommodates the 4-man 'QS format.

You've also gotta watch out for local rippers looking to earn the glory of winning the biggest event around (save Mavs) Northern California and gain the rep. Along with that rep could come the crown as Macy's Trifecta Champ which brings a big check and a JEEP to the winner and currently Nate Yeomans, a good ole boy for the BRO-C is holding the top spot.

This gives you an idea of what the boys in the water will be frothing after: set waves, 'CT spots, cash, cars, glory and babes (always women around pro surfers, no?)

It's also worth mentioning that The Coldwater runs in conjunction with the Oakley Pro Junior event, and I'm giving fair warning to all the other competitors in this event: watch out for Nat Young!! This local goofy foot has been caught destroying lips with murderous backside verticals recently so don't be his latest victim!

The event kicks off on the 21st of October and is slated to finish on or before the 26th. Seeya there!! Check out the event schedule and match ups at:

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