Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Young Guns hit G-Land

When was the last time you saw cranking footage of G-Land?! Seems like the surf media forgot about this jungle land left. Abandoning coverage of it in favor of it's reef pass brethren to the West. But these little groms give G-Land a run for its money, despite admitting being scared shitless. N ot only by the waves but by the jungle wildlife. G-Land is still an adventure but not nearly as feral as in the past. But the wave remains the same; it will challenge any surfer.
The footage in this and the other Young Guns webisodes is second to none. The heki shots are sick and the whole clip is produced very well. And just quietly, how much is Quik just killing the competition with their youth division?!? Only Nike 6.0 seems to be close with regard to the level of young talent sporting their logo!

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